About MKF Institute

Who we are

The college opened its doors to students in 2008, offering initially only ITEC make-up courses. Since then we have expanded our list of courses and awarded registrations to cater to internationally recognised professional Courses in Make-up, Fitness, Digital Photography, Lecturing, Business, Security and Fashion.

We offer both full-time and part-time courses as well as well as workshops to the general public. Our workshops have become incredibly popular, all of which covering practical skills that are taught by experienced tutors.

Our make-up summer camps, introduced in 2010, have since became one of the most popular teens summer camps in Ireland. It now marks the start of the summer in our Dame Street Campus.

We have since featured in numerous publications, TV shows and radio stations. We have numerous Industry links and are constantly building further links to foster work experience and opportunities for all of our students.

We were also awarded the best ITEC college award during the beauty show in 2011. One of our students (featured in the image) won a number of awards during the event. All of which related to the advanced and beautifully executed make-up designs created by on the day. The award just shown us that our aim will always be to ensure our students receive the best tuition, value and opportunities we can provide.

Our vision

MKF Institute - best ITEC college 2011

Receiving our Award

We believe all students can achieve their career goals. We build upon our own achievements to encourage students to become their own success story. We foster an open, inclusive and liberal environment where all students are given the same opportunities and can take advantage of our links with Industry. They grow their confidence and skills whilst still in training and able to avail of the support network we provide. We share their journey and celebrate their achievements. You can see a number of success stories on our site, all of which from students that have earned their success.

Rosanna Davison

Special thank you to Rosanna Davison. Media Image from the 2009 Exhibition hosted by the MKF Institute in aid of Barnados

Our previous student's work experience, working with Fashion Photographer Lili Forberg and The Re-Invent Fashion Show

Our previous student's work experience, working with Fashion Photographer Lili Forberg and The Re-Invent Fashion Show

Awards & Registrations

Best ITEC College Winner