Baby/Kid Photoshoot Gift Voucher (With our studio: MKF Photo Studio)

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Christmas gift

Gift Voucher

Child (4 weeks to 11 years of age) Photo Shoot Gift Voucher

This voucher entitles you to a Photo shoot that usually takes up to an hour. You can bring 3 changes for your baby or child to ensure the photos are as diverse as possible.
The voucher does not include any images. Only the photoshoot. Images can be purchased from the Studio on the day of the photo shoot.
The studio is open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm. Photo shoots can be booked for Monday to Saturdays 10-5pm, depending on availability.
You must present this voucher on the day of your workshop as proof of payment
Gift Voucher valid until 1st May 2015 (Expired vouchers will not be accepted)

Note what you will need to bring:

  • Up to 3 changes of clothing for the child
  • This voucher
  • Accessories such as hats, favourite toys, etc

How to book your workshop with us:

    • This voucher entitles you to book a Photoshoot for a child using this voucher
    • To book the date that suits you please either email or call us on 0818 33 21 21. Keep in mind Saturdays are very popular and Saturday availability might be an issue, we advice you to book well in advance
    • You must bring this voucher with you on the day of the workshop as proof of payment

The MKF Photo Studio

36 Dame Street
1st Floor
Dublin 2

T. 0818 33 21 21