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Course Starts 26th February’16 - 50% Off Course fee

120 hours Part-Time Certificate

Laura Horde said about the course: A course I highly recommend. The best and most enjoyable course I have done in years Excited to discover all my camera can do and looking forward to capturing impressive photos in the future.

Alessandra Silva said about the course: I truly recommend MKF institute to everybody. They do have great tutors that can make your course an enjoyable, learning experience

This photography Course is suitable for beginners and anybody that would like to learn digital photography techniques and principles, either as a hobby or with a view of becoming a professional working in the Industry.

Course fee: €1,500 Enrol today and pay only €750 payable in full or via instalments: Registration fee €300 plus €225 standing order instalment monthly for 2 months (March and April 2016).

Attendance: Fridays 6-9pm for 40 weeks.

Term date: 26th February 2016

The course is divided into modules, each of which are 8 weeks in length. The modular approach ensures all areas can be assessed as the module completes before more advanced techniques are covered. The course starts from the the basics and progresses to more advanced techniques:

  • Module 1: Photography Introduction
  • Module 2: Post-production including HDR (High Dynamic Range) and photo manipulation
  • Module 3: Advanced Photography techniques
  • Module 4: Portraiture and close up
  • Module 5: Landscape and Event Photography

Continuous assessment: Students must complete assignments for each of the modules (some of which are submitted through our blog) as well as an assessment component. In detail:

  • Module 1: Home assignment each week plus a 50 multiple choice questions paper at the end of the module
  • Module 2: Home assignment each week plus portfolio of 5 processed images to be submitted at the end of the module
  • Module 3: Advanced Photography techniques: Home assignment each week plus portfolio of 10 images to be submitted at the end of the module
  • Module 4: Home assignment each week plus portfolio of 5 images to be submitted at the end of the module
  • Module 5: Home assignment each week plus exhibition images covering a theme selected by the learner. The college will mount an exhibition to showcase students work. the Exhibition is always at the end of November. Students must submit framed images

Module 1: The basics

photographer course

Module schedule

  • Digital Photography intro: digital and non-digital photography, The history of digital photography
  • Using your camera
  • Portraits - how to photograph people
  • Landscape - how to photograph 'things'
  • Digital black and white photography
  • Image compression
  • Photo printing
  • Your camera and light
  • Lighting techniques
  • Studio techniques
  • Studio equipment practical introduction
  • Practical portrait photo shoot
  • Practical landscape photography field trip (local area)

What you will need to study this Module:

  • Your digital SLR CAMERA
  • Pen and paper to take notes
  • Tripod
  • Your class notes (link to download send to you upon registration)

Module 2: Post production & Image Manipulation

Image airbrushing course

Module schedule

  • Photoshop primer: settings and techniques
  • working with colours, brushes and other tools
  • layers
  • blending modes
  • resolution
  • resampling
  • colour correction
  • manipulating images
  • removing backgrounds
  • photo printing and quality
  • photo sizing
  • collage
  • removing red eye
  • removing imperfections
  • adjusting skin tone
  • changing features
  • RAW file format
  • Comparing raw with other image formats
  • HDR Photography

What you will need to study this Module:

  • Your laptop
  • A trial version of photoshop pre-installed
  • Pen and paper to take notes
  • Your class notes (sent to you upon registration)

Module 3: Advanced Digital photography

HDR Photography course

Module schedule

  • Choosing lenses to create effects
  • Getting the best exposure
  • How lens affects depth of field
  • Effectively using of depth of field and controlling blur
  • Creative control of apertures and shutter speeds to create drama and dynamic compositions
  • Metering difficult scenes
  • Working in manual mode
  • When to use aperture and shutter priority modes
  • Choosing ISO effectively
  • Advanced camera settings and controls
  • Composition taken to the next level
  • Rule of thirds
  • Ad hoc lighting concepts for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Dealing with tricky light situations
  • On and off camera flash
  • Working with existing natural lighting/ back light/shade
  • Dealing with low light
  • Histogram
  • Taking better shots: ‘telling the story’
  • Practical exercises: Field trip (landscape photography) and studio equipment photo shoot at the college

Module 4 & 5: Practical Portraiture and landscape Photography

MKF Photo Studio makeup student Portfolio
fashion photography courseLearning photography at the MKF Institute means learning how to take shots, edit and process them. Unlike some other colleges, We believe photography is a practical subject, not a theoretical one. You will learn a great deal about the history of photography, types of photography and celebrated photographers but our aim is to ensure you learn the practical skills you will require in order to take shots, not just to be able to tell others how it should be done.
lanscape photography courseFrom offering students a highly experienced and Internationally Published Photography Tutor to comprehensive class notes, You can expect quality tuition and practical course materials from our award winning Institute. You also showcase your work during the November exhibition arranged by the college.

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You can expect tutoring excellence when you study with us. Your photography tutor is a highly experienced and internationally published photographer and tutor. The course notes are highly comprehensive and detailed. The photography courses we offer are practical and hands on to ensure you are ready to work with photography. Unlike some other colleges our photography students do not write endless essays during their course with us. Rather they take shots and post-produce their work.

You will also be offered Work Experience in the college during events, shows and summer portraiture photography.


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