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Start Your Course in October Paying €2,800 instead of €5,549. Final place available

Congratulations. You have the chance to avail of this one-off offer. Time is limited. Only One Final place left. When the place is gone the system will not allow you to pay your registration fee.

Register today and avail of 50% discount. All you need to pay now is the registration fee. The system will also allow you to pay a €300 non-refundable deposit if you cannot pay the full registration fee now. You have two weeks to pay the rest of the registration fee.

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Receive €2,700 Worth of free modules

  • MKF Institute Beauty Competence Certificate
  • MKF Institute Hair Styling and Hair Extensions Certificate
  • MKF Institute Digital Photography and Social Media Certificate
  • MKF Institute Introduction to Lecturing Certificate

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Success Story...

Lorraine Byrne completed this full-time makeup course with us in 2011.

Lorraine was a fantastic student, very dedicated to her studies and always very helpful and interested.  She always got involved, committed a great deal to the course and never let an opportunity to pass her by.

Lorraine carried out a great deal of work experience with us, even some TV work where she demonstrated special effects techniques during an interview with RTE. lorraine byrne at RTE

Lorraine has since started a very successful career in the makeup Industry, working on Miss University 2012 and 2013, numerous fashion shows as well as having her work published in some top papers and magazines. She has also been honored to have worked on a TV ad campaign and in theatre in Dublin. Lorraine also work with photographic makeup for photo shoots and teaches workshops.


We believe Lorraine is an inspiration for anybody that dream of becoming a makeup artist.

To view more samples of Lorraine's work please click here to visit Lorraine's Facebook page

Makeup Course Schedule

Attendance: Monday to Thursday - 10:00-15:00, From October to May (June and rest of summer is for work experience). Please read on for more information....

You will complete an assignment in September to prepare for this full-time makeup course. Tuition will start on the last Monday in September. When you must present your assignment. This work is to set the tone for the rest of the academic year and allow you to complete the course with a web presence.

Tuition completes on the last Thursday in May. You will also carry out your portfolio photo shoot in May. It is done at the college. We have a professional studio in-house and an internationally published photographer to take the shots.

You will then carry out work experience in June-August. The examination is in August. If are going to book holidays, just make sure it is not at the end of August.

Makeup Qualification: ITEC Level 3 Fashion, Theatre and Media Makeup Diploma. The highest makeup qualification awarded by ITEC. Plus:

  • MKF Institute Beauty Competence Certificate
  • MKF Institute Hair Styling and Hair Extensions Certificate
  • MKF Institute Digital Photography and Social Media Certificate
  • MKF Institute Introduction to Lecturing Certificate

Course Fee: €5,549 OFFER TODAY FOR ONE FINAL PLACE: €2,800. The full-time makeup course fee is Payable in full or via monthly standing order instalments as follows:  Registration €800 + 5 Standing Order Monthly instalments of €400 (Starting on 10th October of the year you start your course)

Other costs:
Kits, Portfolio Photo-shoot, ITEC Exams, as listed in this page.

Maximum Number of Students per Class: 15

Course Syllabus

This course covers:

  • Beauty therapy: beauty routine, double cleanse, the Skin,  muscles of the face, neck and shoulders, contraindications, skin diseases and disorders,  skin types and condition
  • Cosmetology
  • Basic makeup techniques: pre-base, base, blending, contouring, highlighting...
  • Corrective make-up
  • Eye makeup including smokey eyes
  • Glossy looks
  • False eye lashes
  • Make up for mature skin
  • Special occasion makeup
  • Professional day looks
  • Airbrushing makeup
  • Photographic makeup basics
  • Fashion makeup basics
  • Character makeup for stage
  • Stage make-up basics
  • Glossy makeup for photography
  • Portfolio preparation
  • High fashion makeup
  • High fashion bridal looks
  • Light and colour theory
  • Period and historical makeup
  • Ethnic makeup - Geisha, Arabic, Indian
  • Makeup for different era (1920s-1990s)
  • Avant garde makeup
  • Fantasy Make-up
  • Black white and colour photography makeup
  • Media and Special Effects makeup
  • Character make-up using special effects
  • TV/Media Continuity and coordination with wardrobe and prop departments
  • Special effects Ageing using latex
  • using components and prosthetic pieces
  • Bald caps
  • Mounting work
  • Working with wigs
  • Working with crepe hair
  • Creating Bruises, cuts, burns, scars and bullet holes
  • Re-creating skin disease and disorders
  • Frost , casualty and death effect
  • Make up for television and media
  • Face and body painting
  • Red/dark lips
  • Bridal make-up
  • Makeup hygiene
  • Face charts and mood boards
  • Business
  • Customer care

The programme includes €2,700 worth of Free Modules

  • Hair styling module (Worth €250)
  • Lecturing module (Worth €1200, covering syllabus from the lecturing Diploma)
  • Manicure and nail art module(Worth €200)
  • Hair extensions module (Worth €350)
  • Digital photography and media module (worth €250)

MKF Institute Hair extension & Styling Certificate:

Note: Students must bring their own hair styling equipment such as hairdryer and GHD/curler for hair classes. Course fee includes all materials students require for the hair extension Module. Models pay for their own hair. Models can be sourced by the student or by the college.

  • Micro Beads Hair Extension including: Hair types, Client consultation, Hygiene, Colour match, Application techniques, Maintenance, After care, Blending, cutting and styling of the hair extensions, Removing of the hair extensions, adding volume and length, costumer care
  • Hair Styling

MKF Institute Beauty Competence Certificate:

  • Manicure and nail art
  • Spray tanning

MKF Institute Digital Photography & Media Certificate:

Please note: You will require a digital camera and a laptop for this module.

  • Introduction to digital photography
  • Airbrushing and photo manipulation
  • Media and social media

MKF Institute Introduction to lecturing Certificate:

  • Learning and teaching techniques
  • Teaching tools
  • Teaching work experience (subject to interview process)

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Your tools and Kits...

The kits you will require (you purchase from the college before you start your course):

  • Makeup Kit from Inglot €280
  • Professional Make-up Brushes €180
  • Beauty Therapy Tunic: €45

To be paid to the college at week 5 of your course:

  • Special  Effects kit €280
  • ITEC Examination €250

To be paid to the college at week 10 of your course:

  • Professional 35 looks Portfolio Photo Shoot €450
inglot makeup kits

Awards & Registrations

Best ITEC College Winner