Teens only: Bday party, Sunday classes, summer camps and transition year work

Celebrate your Birthday with us: Makeup & Hair Lesson Party

A fantastic day out with your friends!


A Glamorous Birthday Celebration, ideal for the beauty conscious teen.

Having provided teen summer camps for many years, parents can be confident their teens will have a very enjoyable, safe and fun day with us.

The Schedule:

  • 11:00 – 13:00: Makeup Lesson
  • 13:00 – 14:00: Lunch. Mcdonald’s? Pizza? The birthday girl and her parents/guardian decides where the birthday party is going for their lunch. This part is supervised, unless the parent’s/guardians want the party to leave/return from lunch on their own. This is not included in the price. A birthday cake can also be sent to college and parents/guardians can also pop in to participate!
  • 14:00 – 16:00: Hair styling lesson

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Makeup & Beauty Classes Just for Teens

Makeup & hair classes on Sundays and Teen Summer camps

    Learn makeup and/or beauty with us during the summer. Our summer camps cover everything you need to look your most beautiful and groomed. Started in 2010, the summer camps offered by the MKF Institute are the most sought after teen camps in Dublin. Provided within a safe and fun environment, teens can learn from top tutors and industry experts.
    Summer Camps are offered from June to August each year. Each week is Monday to Friday 10:00-15:00.
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    Teen Full day makeup & Hair styling class offered on Sundays 11:00 – 16:00. This class allows teens to learn how to style their own hair and apply their own makeup.
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Transition Year Work Experience

Do you love what we stand for and would like to be involved? If you are interested in makeup, fashion, fitness or photography and you want to work with our college during your transition year work experience just apply online. We will need all of the details, including dates.

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Recommend 5 friends and receive a FREE 2 hour makeup lesson

Love us? Let your friends know about it. We will give you a Free makeup lesson covering how to apply a flawless base and eye make up for your eye shape as a thank you. These classes are provided Saturdays 11:00-13:00. You only need to bring your makeup bag, your makeup brushes and a dark hand towel. We will contact you to book you in when we receive your mail. The process is simple:

Share your goal with others - Become a MKF Institute Ambassador

Opportunities at the MKF Institute
Every February we give a teen (15+) the opportunity to become our ambassador and represent us.

If you write blogs, participate in online discussions, have a passion for makeup, beauty, fashion or photography we would like you to apply.

You might have met some of previous students in make-up counters, seen them on TV or admired their work in magazines.

The benefits of being our ambassador:

  • You will receive transition year work experience with us if required. You are given priority
  • You will receive a week of each summer camp for the first year free
  • We will give you a letter of reference covering the 3 years period
  • We will give you formal makeup training via the The Makeup, hair and nails course Free (tuition only is free) once you have completed the 3 years with us. Tuition only, kits and such must be paid for

The tasks you will carry out as an ambassador (from home mostly, apart from when you are off school):

  • Update for our social media pages
  • Recommend us because you really believe in what the college stands for
  • Create blog posts
  • Assist us with marketing and collaborations
  • youtube video creation
  • Sit in day class to get a feel for the subject, chat to students/tutor or interview them for videos/blogs creation during your school holidays
  • Assist the student coordinator – provide ideas
  • Compile newsletters

How to apply (only from 1st February until February 20th each year):

E-mail info@mkfinstitute.com the following:

  • A blog post you have created (in a word document, including images) or the web link to your blog if you have one
  • A document stating the reasons you would like to be our ambassador
  • A document telling us about us! How you perceive the college, what we offer, what is good about us, what you think could be improved

Our mission is to assist you achieve your career goals

Fashion shows

Get published


Achieve it!

Become a success story


MKF Institute – winners of the ITEC best overall college 2011

miss ireland 2010

Our Students worked with Miss Ireland in 2010

We all know success has nothing to do with luck. It takes hard work and commitment.

All of the success stories shown on our site comes from students that had a career plan, a dream and were willing to make their dream come true.

You might have met some of previous students in make-up counters, seen them on TV or admired their work in magazines.

What they had in common was passion. The drive and ambition to succeed in the field.

They are the ones that embrace opportunities and work hard to attain the credits, the experience and to network within the Industry. They show their skills and professionalism every time.

They are the ones that don’t just arrive not on time, they arrive early and they are arrive prepared.

In the journey to becoming a top makeup artist, you might find that talent plays no part because make-up is a skill that can be acquired, learnt.

The reality of any Industry is that consistency and professionalism is what is required in order to achieve success.

If you share their vision, contact us today. You can be certain that as one of our students we will do everything in our power to help you achieve your goals.



Awards & Registrations

Best ITEC College Winner