Upskill Part-time Makeup Artistry Course

Portfolio work

Portfolio fee: only €450 for 35 looks. You will carry out your portfolio work of 35 looks with the MKF Photo Studio. Portfolio work takes place in May & June. 8 Saturdays will be required for the portfolio. The portfolio dates are given to students at the start of the course


The kits you will require (you purchase from the college before you start your course):

  • Makeup Kit from the Makeup Atelier €360
  • Professional Make-up brushes €140

Please note: students work with each other's kits and must have the same kits fro this course. Unless you have exactly the same kits listed above you will require to purchase the kits from the college even if you already have other kits/products.

Others costs (to be paid to the college at week 10 of your course):

  • Special  Effects kit €250
  • Professional Portfolio Photo shoot (35 looks) €450
  • ITEC Examination €250

Success Story...

  Jessica Whelan completed this part-time makeup qualification with us in 2009.

Jessica was a great student, very dedicated to her studies and always very helpful and interested.  She always got involved,  committed a great deal to the course and grabbed opportunities.

She was in fact one of the students that participated in the making of the calendar created by  the college and in aid of the children's charity Barnados. exhibition-makeup

During her portfolio work, Jessica worked with the Fashion photographer arranged by the college - Kip Carroll, whom was impressed by her work. The big image at the top of this page is in fact one of Jessica's portfolio images, taken by Kip Carroll.

With her ambition and dedication Jessica was bound to achieve success.  She has since established a name in the makeup Industry and works for MAC Cosmetics.

We think Jessica is an inspiration for anybody that dream of becoming a makeup artist.


Course Syllabus

This course covers the full spectrum of make up artistry, starting from the basics and progressing to more advanced techniques. The course will qualify you as a make-up artist able to work within any area of the make-up Industry.

  • Recap Basic makeup techniques: pre-base, base, blending, countouring, highlighting
  • Corrective make-up
  • Eye makeup including smokey eyes
  • Glossy looks
  • False eye lashes
  • Make up for mature skin
  • Special occasion makeup
  • Professional day looks
  • Airbrushing makeup
  • Photographic makeup basics
  • Fashion makeup basics
  • Character makeup for stage
  • Stage make-up basics
  • Glossy makeup for photography
  • Portfolio preparation
  • High fashion makeup
  • High fashion bridal looks
  • Light and colour theory
  • Period and historical makeup
  • Ethnic makeup - Geisha, Arabic, Indian
  • Makeup for different era (1920s-1990s)
  • Avant guarde makeup
  • Fantasy Make-up
  • Black white and colour photography makeup
  • Media and Special Effects makeup
  • Character make-up using special effects
  • TV/Media Continuity and coordination with wardrobe and prop departments
  • Special effects Ageing using latex
  • using components and prosthetic pieces
  • Bald caps
  • Mounting work
  • Working with wigs
  • Working with crepe hair
  • Creating Bruises, cuts, burns, scars and bullet holes
  • Re-creating skin disease and disorders
  • Frost , casualty and death effect
  • Make up for television and media
  • Face and body painting
  • Red/dark lips
  • Bridal make-up
  • Makeup hygiene
  • Face charts and mood boards
  • Business
  • Customer care

Course Schedule

Entry Requirements: This course is not suitable for beginners. Students must have completed the ITEC certificate in Makeup or equivalent

Attendance: 2 evenings per week (Wednesdays and Thursdays) 19:00-22:00 for 40 weeks
Qualification: ITEC Level 3 (equivalent to FETAC level 6) Fashion, Theatre and Media Makeup Diploma
Full course Fee: €2,800, payable in full or via monthly standing order instalments as follows:  Registration €800 + 8 monthly standing order instalments of €250

Total cost of studying course including  course fees, exams, portfolio and kits €4,250

Your chance to Network & meet more students

During your course you will sit classes with students covering the same subject but different classes, thus giving you more faces to work with during class as well as the ability to meet more of your fellow students


Become a Top Makeup Artist - your dream career is within your reach

Fashion shows

Get published


Achieve it!


Your kits - Your tools

mkf institute buy kits from the makeup college 

makeup brushes


Avail of student discounts (discount price listed)

We order the kits for students so they can buy it directly from us. Better yet, you receive a student discount.

Make up Atelier Kit Student Price €360. Professional Brush set student price €140.

You will need your brush set and make up kit from the start of your course. You can order your special effects kit up until November of the year you start your course.


Become a success story


MKF Institute - winners of the ITEC best overall college 2011

miss ireland 2010

Our Students worked with Miss Ireland in 2010

We all know success has nothing to do with luck. It takes hard work and commitment.

All of the success stories shown on our site comes from students that had a career plan, a dream and were willing to make their dream come true.

You might have met some of previous students in make-up counters, seen them on TV or admired their work in magazines.

What they had in common was passion. The drive and ambition to succeed in the field.

They are the ones that embrace opportunities and work hard to attain the credits, the experience and to network within the Industry. They show their skills and professionalism every time.

They are the ones that don't just arrive not on time, they arrive early and they are arrive prepared.

In the journey to becoming a top makeup artist, you might find that talent plays no part because make-up is a skill that can be acquired, learnt.

The reality of any Industry is that consistency and professionalism is what is required in order to achieve success.

If you share their vision, you can be certain that as one of our students we will do everything in our power to help you achieve your goals.


Enrol for the course

Select option and payment:
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Student name:

You can also enrol by calling us on 0818 332 121 or by popping to the MKF Institute - 36 Dame Street, Dublin 2 (opposite the Central Bank). 
Once we have received your payment we will e-mail you the registration forms to allow you to complete the enrolment process. 
Please note the acceptance  interview  is not required for this part-time course.


Your Professional Portfolio Photo shoot: work with our Commercial Studio and Internationally Published Photographer

MKF Photo Studio makeup student Portfolio
You not just learn how to work with a professional photographer but also complete a stunning portfolio at the end of your course. Your creativity is encouraged as you design your portfolio looks during your studies. You then create your designs during your portfolio day.

Your portfolio day is invaluable for two reasons:

  • The real life experience of working with a commercial studio and photographer reinforces your in-class tuition and assists you post-graduation, when you are working in the Industry

  • You complete your course with high quality images to show potential employers and to create your online presence as a makeup artist.

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makeup training room
You can also request to visit the college to talk to an expert or to sit in a class.Sitting in a class is highly recommended as it gives you a chance to see the course in action, talk to the ITEC course tutor and to our current students.Just let us know if you would like to visit the MKF Institute and we will arrange the appointment with you

Studying with the MKF Institute means having everything you need arranged for you, including having your portfolio photo shoot carried by our professional photo studio, buying your kits from the college and availing of work experienced arranged by the college.

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Awards & Registrations

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