Jason Derulo allegedly seen fighting 2 guys who called him “Usher”

It’s nearly impossible to get Jason Derulo’s name wrong. He says it in pretty much every song of his. So Derulo was allegedly ready to throw hands when a group of guys called him by the name of another singer: Usher.

In a now-viral video shared by TMZ, Jason Derulo is seen being taunted by two men from afar while riding an escalator at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. He tries to walk down the escalator that’s going up, but is stopped by a man who appears to be his bodyguard. Narrowly avoiding recreating one of the many “Jason Derulo has fallen down the stars” memes, he decides to take the other escalator back down.

Everyone waiting below the escalator was apparently prepared for what was about to happen, pulling up their phones to record possibly the first big celebrity fight of the year.

In the video, a seething Derulo is shown being walked out by his bodyguard. But when one of the guys says, “Hey Usher, fuck you, bitch,” that’s when Derulo apparently loses it. He appears to break free from the hold of his security and charges at the men, as they fight back. It’s all as ridiculous as it sounds, looking more like a scene straight out of Cobra Kai… but with grown men who should know better.

After the men are seen knocking down décor and each other in the brawl video, cops intervened. A different video shared by The Neighborhood Talk shows a handcuffed Derulo apparently being escorted out by police.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the altercation happened on Tuesday at 2 a.m. According to Associated Press, police say “the victims did not want to press charges against Derulo” and no injuries were reported. Derulo has yet to address the altercation on social media.

Источник: Lifehacker