MKF Institute Refund Policy

Policy applicable to all courses, lessons and workshops and services:

  • The MKF Institute complies with all Regulations and Legislation regarding consumer rights. If you are  unsure about your rights and obligations as a consumer please check the National Consumer Agency . Consumer help is also a very good reference site:
  • It is our policy not to extend the validity date range for any type of vouchers. Vouchers have a date range and all vouchers have a long validity period, thus giving customers a long time to use them. Vouchers must be used within that period. When the voucher reaches the expiration date the voucher is no longer valid. Vouchers cannot be accepted as payment for services or classes that will occur past the validity of the voucher.
  • Goodwill vouchers and gifts are not provided by the college when a student, for either a professional course or non-professional workshop, cannot complete or start the course in which the student has reserved a place for. Demands for such gifts will be disregarded by the MKF Institute
  • Inasmuch as The MKF Institute understands personal situations can arise that might prevent a student/customer from starting/continuing a course or using a voucher within its validity period, and the team at the MKF Institute sympathise with the student/customer, the MKF Institute does not accept any liability in regards to the same, nor will the MKF Institute make exceptions to our Refund Policy as listed here. Our policies are enforced at all times.
  • The MKF institute is not responsible for sudden illness, adverse weather conditions resulting in any transport delays and difficulties, acts of God, change of circumstances related to the student, adverse health conditions developed since the student booked a place in the course/for the service, immigration or other circumstances which may result in participants being unable to attend/continue a course that the students has enrolled for including workshops, classes, professional courses or any other service provided by the college.

MKF Refund policy in respect to professional courses

  • Where a deposit or registration fee is accepted to secure a place on a programme, students should note that the course registration fee is strictly non-refundable. Only at such time when a programme is subsequently discontinued by the MKF institute, a full refund or transfer to another porgramme will be offered.
  • Students that avail of the instalments option are required to sign an agreement with the college that states they will pay their full fees even if they stop attending classes/drop out. By availing of the instalments option you are committing yourself to paying the full fees as described in the agreement;
  • No transfers available. The only exception is only at such time when a programme is subsequently discontinued by the MKF institute;
  • All course fees are non-refundable;
  • Fees are also non-refundable for students that have failed to start the course on which a place has been confirmed and reserved for the student;
  • A refund less an administrative fee of €300 will be returned to candidates who withdraw their application for a place up to 60 working days prior to course commencement.

MKF Refund policy in respect to non-professional courses and workshops

  • No refund is available for non-professional courses or workshops once the customer has accepted and confirmed a place by booking the course or workshop with us. Only at such time when a course/workshop subsequently does not run at all and we have no suitable alternative date to offer the student (in case of the course or workshop being withdrawn by the college and no longer offered by the college), a full refund or transfer will be offered.
  • In the case of deal voucher purchased for one of our courses or workshops, the Refund Policy of the deal site applies
  • The MKF institute cancellation policy is strictly 72 hours for all non-professional courses and workshops

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