You will complete the course with: 2 International Qualifications, time in India - the home of Yoga, Work experience teaching yoga classes as the college arranges supervised yoga teaching in Ireland for you, and a new support network to get your started in your journey as a Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher Programme

If you dream of working as a Yoga Teacher, this course is ideal for you. Completion of this course takes place in Ireland and Goa, India. The fee for the course covers tuition and exams in Ireland as well as tuition, accomodation, pick up/drop off from/to airport in Goa and 3 vegetarian meals for the 25 days in Goa.

It excludes travel insurance (required), spending money and airplane tickets.

This yoga teacher course leads to two Internationally Recognised qualifications: The ITEC Yoga Teacher Diploma and The Yoga Alliance 200 Hours Teacher Qualification. The two qualifications have different approaches and complement each other.

During this course you will study the theory of Yoga, the different Yoga techniques, a range of
pranayamas and asanas, Business and professional conduct for Fitness Instructors, client care Anatomy and Physiology for Pilates and Yoga Teachers.

Students will also assist in Yoga classes in Ireland and will be observed by the Yoga teacher to ensure all movements and exercises are taught to a high standard. Lesson plans must be submitted for each session which will be assessed by the lecturer.

Not just training but an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime

Change your life: Do Something You Love. Travel. Experience a New Culture.

    • You start the course in Ireland, go to India for 25 days to complete the Yoga Aliance part of the programme, then return to Ireland to complete the programme.
    • You gain work experience, guidance and all the support we can offer you
    • Students start the course with the ITEC theory and move to supervised practice and tuition before going to Goa where they complete the Yoga Alliance part of the programme and sit the Yoga alliance examination.

yoga teacher course goa and ireland

Programme Schedule

Course fee: €2,950. Pay in full of via instalments: Registration fee: €800 plus 6 monthly standing order instalments of €358.33.

The course fee includes tuition and examination In Ireland, Tuition and examination in Goa, India. Accomodation and 3 vegetarian meals for the duration of the course in Goa and airport pick up in Goa.

Note you will require to purchase your return tickets to Goa-India and Travel Insurance. You will also require spending money and to arange your own transportation to/from airport in Ireland.

The Programme starts Each Year on the last saturday of April in Ireland (India part of the course is scheduled for November) and the Last Saturday of October in Ireland (India part of the course is Scheduled for April of the following year).

Your training in Ireland

Course Delivery:

      • Course duration: from start of course in Ireland to return from Goa, when you sit ITEC exams in Ireland. You complete the tuition as listed below then your work experience and observation classes. finally you go for your training in Goa and Return to Ireland and sit your ITEC exams.
      • Classroom Tuition: 20 Saturdays 10:00-16:00.
      • Practice Hours: We recommend you practice yoga on your own for at least 5 hours each week
      • Supervised teaching experience: Saturdays and Sundays (from week 10 of your course). Times and dates given to students at the start of the course

Course Syllabus

      • Holistic Approach
      • Integral biology
      • History of Yoga
      • The basic principles of Yoga
      • The Eight Limbs of Yoga
      • The Five Principles of Yoga by Sivanandi
      • The six branches of Yoga ( Hatha • Bhakti • Raja • Jnana • Karma
        • Tantra )
      • Hatha Yoga
      • The Chakras
      • The benefits of Yoga
      • Contraindications to Yoga
      • Principles of fitness and how to apply to Yoga classes
      • Different methods of flexibility training
      • Leadership qualities
      • Communication and teaching techniques
      • The the principles of motivation
      • The principles of adherence
      • Client’s goals and strategies
      • Safety precautions and Health and Safety
      • Breathing exercises to increase concentration and to improve oxygen and prana intake
      • The different Pranayama
      • Meditation
      • Positive thinking
      • Mantra
      • Relaxation exercises
      • Projecting your voice during class
      • Creating class plans
      • The role of music
      • Anatomy and Physiology for Pilates and Yoga Teachers : Skeletal System
      • Anatomy and Physiology for Pilates and Yoga Teachers : Muscular System
      • Anatomy and Physiology for Pilates and Yoga Teachers : Circulatory System
      • Anatomy and Physiology for Pilates and Yoga Teachers : Lymphatic System
      • Anatomy and Physiology for Pilates and Yoga Teachers : Respiratory System
      • Anatomy and Physiology for Pilates and Yoga Teachers : The Skin
      • Anatomy and Physiology for Pilates and Yoga Teachers : The Cell and Tissues
      • Anatomy and Physiology for Pilates and Yoga Teachers : Neurological System
      • Anatomy and Physiology for Pilates and Yoga Teachers : Endocrine System
      • Anatomy and Physiology for Pilates and Yoga Teachers : Digestive System
      • Anatomy and Physiology for Pilates and Yoga Teachers : Reproductive System
      • Anatomy and Physiology for Pilates and Yoga Teachers : Urinary System

Your training in South Goa, India

The Yoga teacher training course in Goa is very intense and requires your full concentration and discipline.

You will have some free time to enjoy the ammenities and the beautiful cityof Goa too.

The course in Goa is based on traditional principles, designed in such a way that each module, its practice and theory are covered and well explained. This course is not only for students who want to pursue yoga as a career but also for student who want to take their knowledge and practice of yoga to a different level.

Yoga is the path to discover the connection between individual consciousnesses to the universal consciousness. With open heart and gratitude we welcome all yoga seekers to our school so we can learn share and experience the divinity of this art of live called "Yoga".

This course leads to the 200 hours Yoga Alliance UK qualification.

The Theory:

      • The history and the benefits of yoga.
      • Yogic anatomy and physiology.
      • Pancha kosha, prana, nadi, chakra, pancha mahabhutas.
      • Yogic lifestyle according to Ayurveda and yogic texts.
      • Patanjala yoga sutra, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, Shiva samhita, Yoga Vasistha, Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and other yogic texts.
      • Karmayoga, Bhaktiyoga, Jnana yoga and other aspects of yoga as well.

The Practice:

      • The shatkarmas (The six cleansing or purification techniques). The detoxification methods.
      • Asana, Pranayama, mudras, Bandhas, various concentration, relaxation, visualization and meditation techniques.
      • Nadanusandhana, Nadbrahma sadhana, yoga nidra.
      • Mantra, recitation and proper pronunciation of mantra and mantra meditation.
      • hakra shuddhi (methods of energy centres purification and balancing them)

The Yoga Alliance 200 hours program is classified in different categories:

      • Veera Sadhana: Age group from 18years to 35years
      • Shakti Sadhana: From age 30years and onwards
      • Sanjeevani Sadhana (therapeutic yoga): A solution to most of physical and mental disorders and disability such as blood pressure, depression, slipped disc, asthma, obesity, Cardiac and various stress related problems, menstruation disorders, lack of concentration, memory and sleep Etc.
      • Atma Sadhana: Advance and intensive course for only the spiritual seekers or practitioners.

Daily Schedule Yoga Teacher Training:

      • 6.00am to 6.30am Karma Yoga
      • 06.30am to 07.00am Cleansing (Kriyas)
      • 07.00am to 8.00am Pranayama, Mudras, Bandha
      • 08.00am to 08.30am Tea Break
      • 8.30am to 10.30pm Asana and Alignment
      • 10.30am to 12.00pm Brunch
      • 12.00pm to 01.30pm Anatomy and Physiology and Mantra Chanting
      • 01.30pm to 2.00pm Break
      • 02.30pm to 03.30pm Yoga Philosophy and Meditation
      • 03.00pm to 04.00pm Break
      • 04:00pm to 05.30pm Practicum, Methodology, Teaching Practice
      • 05.30pm to 06.00pm Break
      • 06.00pm to 07.00pm Self Study/Practice
      • 07.00pm to 09.00pm Dinner

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Looking for a shorter course in Ireland only?

Click for Short Yoga Teacher Course in Ireland
If you decide you just want to try Yoga before committing, we allow students to complete a short course in Ireland only.

Course Delivery:

      • Course duration: 10 Saturdays plus your practical work
      • Attendance: 10:00-16:00.
      • Course fee €1,200 Plus ITEC exams €200
      • A new course starts February, April, September and November each year
      • Practice Hours: We recommend you practice yoga on your own for at least 4 hours each week
      • Practical work: You must complete 10 client consultations with your fellow students or friends
      • Home Assignments and Research: You will require a maximum of 5 hours each week to complete assignments ands research subjects

For more information about the short Yoga Course please cleck the button below.

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